La Vestager sul ban di Trump dai social media

Vi segnalo questo importante update da Vestager!

1) non biasima il ban ai danni di Trump

2) si può fare ma serve interaction con l’utente

Fior di osservatori si sono scervellati a spaccare il capello sulle libertà costituzionali e la Vestager riduce tutto a una trasparenza (contrattuale) quindi ha vinto la teoria del TOS, term of service. Fine del dibattito?

Vestager: Social media companies were right to ban Trump
Europe’s digital czar said the bloc’s new content rules would have prevented the stand-off between Big Tech and the former US president

(…) “I can’t say I would have done it differently if I was in their shoes,” Vestager told the Digital Bridge, POLITICO’s transatlantic tech newsletter, when asked if she agreed with Facebook, Google and Twitter banning Trump from using their platforms.

(…) “But with the Digital Services Act, the point is that it shouldn’t have gotten that far. There would have been interaction with the user along the way,” she added. “We want to increase transparency on how these decisions are made. If platforms want to ban you, they have to notify you and explain what that is.”